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27 Mar 2020
Read more Make COVID-19's presence less visible in your business!

Make COVID-19's presence less visible in your business!

We are staying home due to COVID-19 and the impact of this situation has already been seen on both small and large businesses. Many businesses stopped operating immediately, even if the online world allows them to participate in online commerce. However, we must think calmly and prudently in order to protect our businesses from getting out of this situation with as few wounds as possible.

14 Oct 2019
Read more Shopping Ads now in Greece!

Shopping Ads now in Greece!

The way we advertise products on Google has changed! Show your products via the new Google tool and increase your sales!

29 Aug 2018
Read more SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

As of July 2018, Google Chrome displays a message next to your website's URL indicating that "you should not submit sensitive information on this site, such as credit cards or passwords."

13 Jul 2018
Read more Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

According to Google researches, mobile is the dominant platform for searches, as 48% of consumers use smartphones to start searching. It is worth mentioning that 92% of users are driven to a related purchase. Mobile Marketing helps companies to reach potential customers, wherever they are.

08 Jun 2018
Read more Web Design Trends 2018

Web Design Trends 2018

Website is one of the most important parts of digital marketing. First of all, it should attract visitors’ attention with its design and secondly with its functionality. As a result, costumers can contact with the company or store and make a transaction. We reveal to you a few 2018 trends, which will help the design of your website. Pay attention!

20 Apr 2018
Read more How to handle negative reviews with a winning attitude

How to handle negative reviews with a winning attitude

From the moment a business chooses to be advertised on social networks, it should be taken under consideration that reviews and comments are important and inevitable part of this kind of promotion.The main question is: Which is the best way to manage the negative reviews? We present a few tips for your future responses.

20 Mar 2018
Read more Advertise via Facebook

Advertise via Facebook

In the era of information, people are increasingly using Facebook’s application not only for personal but also for professional use. Research has shown that a person approximately spends one hour a day while his access can be more than 8 times each day. As a consequence of this users’ augmentation more than 65 million business pages have been created on Facebook in order t...

14 Apr 2015
Read more Why is HTML better than Flash?

Why is HTML better than Flash?

HTML and Adobe Flash are both technologies that web designers use in order to create effective content on the Internet. But it is fact that HTML outweighs in relation to Flash and as the web development industry evolves, more and more web designers are leaving Flash development and turning to HTML.

06 Feb 2015
Read more Flat Web Design

Flat Web Design

Flat Web Design has been one of the most talked about trends in web design and user interface design. Flat design is a minimalistic web design approach that emphasizes usability.

29 Jan 2015
Read more Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is a current trend in the field of web design and will continue to be increasingly used. It is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it.

11 Nov 2014
Read more Safe online purchases

Safe online purchases

Eshop is the term used to refer to a website through which various kinds of online purchases are carried out. Nowadays eshops grow and offer thousands of products. Consequently more and more are the users of online shops. The web design companies ensure the safe development of an eshop.

20 Nov 2013
Read more Time to redesign my website?

Time to redesign my website?

In a world that evolves at a breakneck speed, trends and interests change rapidly and people look for companies who know how to follow the rhythms and requirements that the times require. A website designed based on the trends of even a few years ago, now seems outdated and the only way to regain internet users is an appropriate redesign.

30 Oct 2013
Read more Dynamic or static website?

Dynamic or static website?

The advantages of dynamic web pages are becoming more widely known to the public, this way making the selection of static web pages to slowly weaken. A dynamic website offers a unique design and a plethora of management capabilities even by inexperienced users.

20 Sep 2013
Read more Choosing a proper domain name

Choosing a proper domain name

One of the first things a person thinks of when deciding to create a website is the url that it will have. The proper domain name selection will allow a visitor to identify the website in a search engine even when he doesn’t know its exact web address in advance.

12 Sep 2013
Read more SEO techniques for a website

SEO techniques for a website

A website is built with the aim of having high traffic. What happens when a website cannot be found by a user on the internet? Here is where SEO appears.

19 Aug 2013
Read more Smart tips for an effective “Home Page”

Smart tips for an effective “Home Page”

The public spends 6 seconds to decide whether it is worth devoting more time to learn about what a website offers. The issue is making the most of this time. Usually, the first contact that a visitor has with a website is its "Home Page". An effective homepage can convert casual visitors into regular users or even customers. Here are five smart tips on how to achieve this goal.

15 Feb 2013
Read more Why create an online shop?

Why create an online shop?

Nowadays, there has been a growing need for people to carry out online purchases. The spread of broadband Internet, use of smartphones and familiarity with technology in general, have resulted in a dramatic increase on sales through online stores.

23 Aug 2012
Read more What your corporate website needs

What your corporate website needs

The purpose of developing a corporate website is to inform visitors about the company's profile and activity. Visitors should also be able to immediately obtain information about contact details and location. Wapp during the design of your corporate website, follows these guidelines that will help your company benefit from the internet.

05 Jul 2012
Read more Website development for a hotel

Website development for a hotel

Recent research has shown that 90% of tourists are searching online for information about their vacation destination, before making a reservation. This necessitates the presence of a hotel or rooms to let on the internet with an elegant, functional and friendly to search engines website.

20 Mar 2012
Read more Promoting a website

Promoting a website

Promoting a website on the Internet is nowadays a need for every company wishing to advertise their services and products. Promoting a business on the internet can be accomplished in many ways and vary in each case.

10 Dec 2011
Read more What Makes Someone Leave A Website

What Makes Someone Leave A Website

Attracting a potencial customer is hard enough. Grabbing their interest and retaining them is even more difficult. It's important to design your site so that user frustration is kept to a minimum, thereby maximizing customer retention. Below are some examples of what not to do when designing your website.

04 Oct 2011
Read more Tips for a successful ecommerce website

Tips for a successful ecommerce website

On the internet there are many online stores which offer the same or similar products. So how can your eshop stand out? What can you do to achieve the maximum potential of your investment?

09 Aug 2011
Read more Websites latest trends

Websites latest trends

Photography is a powerful tool and is used on many occassions lately. Quite often we come across websites with full background images. Their main target is to impress the visitor and promote the website's goal at a glance.

Another trend is the increasing use of large fonts and headings. What's best known as typography, is used to attract visitors' attention and make them focus on spe...

09 Aug 2011
Read more Facebook's facial recognition

Facebook's facial recognition

Facebook has released a facial recognition technology to the public for some time now.

Development of face recognition is designed to accelerate the process of labeling photos which users upload.

08 Aug 2011
Read more Tips for a successful website

Tips for a successful website

First be certain of your target group. And then structure your website in a way that it caters to your target's needs. It is very important that your website reflects the values of your future customers.

Make sure your website is focused on your target, promoting your product or service, etc. Keep the purpose of your website clear!

05 Aug 2011
Read more What is website usability?

What is website usability?

Website usability is about developing your website in such a way that your visitors can find what they're looking for in a quick and efficient way. A usable website can result in huge benefits for you and your company.

While designing a website, we use all those features that make it easy to use and navigate. Strong typography and pure messages help your visitors to retrieve the righ...