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Website development for a hotel

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Published on 5/7/12

Website development for a hotel

Recent research has shown that 90% of tourists are searching online for information about their vacation destination, before making a reservation. This necessitates the presence of a hotel or rooms to let on the internet with an elegant, functional and friendly to search engines website.

A hotel can use it's website to publish some basic information such as prices, reservation policies, access maps (of the area around the hotel and of nearby destinations) and other general information that may be of interest to the visitor.

A well-designed hotel website should help in the travel plans of tourists and act as a tourist guide for all services one might need during his trip. Such information is nearby attractions and events, activities provided to visitors and suggestions for dining and entertainment.

Website development should provide the service of online booking. That way visitors can check availability for the desired period and reserve a room at once.

In order to increase visitors to the website and therefore to the hotel itself, use of services like Booking.com, Trivago.com, Tripadvisor.com is adviced, because nowadays more and more tourists are using their booking capabilities and the travel information they provide.

Finally, it is useful to create a page about discounts and promotions of the hotel. This page will inform visitors about individual packages or discounts offered by the hotel, such as seasonal offers, business travel, group travel and conferences, family trips and special packages that include children.