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Promote your business via Google Adwords

A proper promotion of your website on the internet can increase greatly the amount of its traffic. Wapp offers you another solution to increase the visitors to your website by promoting an advertisement of your business on Google and on its advertising network. Google gives you the opportunity to advertise yourself on its network in a high ranking position, using the appropriate keywords.

Wapp having specialized knowledge of web promotion, is able to guide you efficiently to achieve the best possible results from an AdWords campaign.

Our company is an official Google Partner for advertisements on Adwords!

Why advertise with Wapp

  • Targeted promotion of the ad by finding the right keywords and setting parameters (eg. location )
  • Analysis of the requirements for the selection of an appropriate campaign budget
  • Targeted placement of the ad at a selected area of the Google’s website
  • Creation of an appropriate title and description text for the ad
  • Collection and monitoring of statistical traffic data
  • Management of the parameters of the ad based on the statistical analysis to increase the ad’s performance