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E-Commerce Development

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Sell your products through internet all over the world

We develop eshops based on quality, usability, reliability, safety and elegance for both visitors and administrators.

The eshop which is based on our content management system is fully compatible with search engines, designed with the latest technologies and international standards, in pursuit of the opportunities offered by the internet today.

Add and edit products

Eshop administrator can manage products, place them into categories, select their brand and edit their display information. He can even add a discount on a given product and choose to promote products at specific places of the website.

  • Multiple selection of categories for a single product and brand which manufactures it.
  • Initial price, discount persentage, promote and special offer of a product.
  • Additional photos and product options with different price for each one (e.g. one price for Small size and another one for XXLarge).

Manage eshop categories

The eshop management platform allows the organization of multi-level categories and easy sorting (through drag & drop).

  • Multiple category levels.
  • Quick publish or unpublish all category's products.
  • Category description and photo.
  • Extra photos for a single category (slider).
  • Mass discount on a category's products.

Add and edit brands and manufacturers

The system allows management and editing of a brand's details whose products are available at the eshop, while website visitors can immediately browse the products of a manufacturer.

  • Quick promotion and publish.
  • Brand description and logo.
  • Extra photos per brand (slider).
  • Mass discount on a brand's products.
  • Search and sort brands.

E-shop's orders administration

Management system of the eshop allows easy monitoring of orders, changing an order's status from just arrived to completed or ongoing, listing its products and payment and delivery methods.

  • Complete customer details.
  • Products required for shipping.
  • Order's payment and shipping method.
  • Order's status (just arrived, completed, etc)
  • Search and sort orders.

Manage eshop customers

As far as customers of the eshop are concerned, the manager can view all customers, their order history, the amount they have spent so far and their details

  • Full details for each customer and editing options.
  • Total number and listing of orders a single customer has completed.
  • Total amount a customer has spent on orders through eshop.
  • Search and sort customers.
  • Order and preference statistics for a customer by brand and product.

Control shipping and payment methods

Our online store platform is designed to target online sales worldwide. For this reason it has special settings for adjusting the shipping and payment cost, depending on the country and the destination area of each order.

  • Online payment with credit card (with installments if supported by the bank).
  • Online payment through PayPal service.
  • Bank deposit or payment in store.
  • Payment on delivery with possible additional charges.
  • Shipping costs depending on the region or country of an order.

Export and display eshop statistics

The content management system offers eshop's owner, plenty of statistics to extract useful information regarding its performance.

  • Orders, sales and customer registrations per day (select date range available).
  • Top brands, products and customers (by sales, quantity or hits).
  • Embed google analytics into the administration platform (visits per day).
  • Favorite brand and product per customer based on orders.
  • Top products and customers of a single brand as well as sales per day, week, month.
  • Product's statistics (sales and hits, quantity sold, number of orders, top customers who bought it, etc.).