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Promote your company throught a successful website

Wapp develops and designs modern, functional and user-friendly websites.

In order to achieve the best possible outcome we follow specific steps and techniques when developing a website, such as optimizing the code for search engines, using modern fonts and graphics and javascript advanced technologies that offer a unique user experience.

Modern website design

Each website design we create is unique. We don't use pre-designed templates, but instead we build it from scratch. This means that every website we develop is custom made to customer's needs. Based on those needs, we design a modern, clean-cut and responsive website with:

  • Optimized graphics.
  • Valid CSS and XHTML code.
  • Mobile compatibility.

User-friendly web content

All websites we create are designed to offer visitors ease in reading content, through the right use of colors, typography, etc.

  • Text and typography are easy and pleasant to read.
  • Content is easy to understand.
  • Easy navigation with use of breadcrumbs and dropdown menus.
  • We break things down into short paragraphs.
  • We use headers and highlight important words or phrases.

Search engines optimized website

Α website alone won't do as much good if no one can find it through search engines like Google or Yahoo. This is why we spend a lot of time optimizing each website for search engines. That means amongst others:

  • Using targeted keywords into the text.
  • Using alt's and title's for images and hyperlinks accordingly.
  • Naming each page titles correctly.
  • Using search-friendly URLs.
  • Avoiding use of Flash technology.