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How to handle negative reviews with a winning attitude

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Published on 20/4/18

How to handle negative reviews with a winning attitude

From the moment a business chooses to be advertised online it should be taken under consideration that reviews and comments are important and inevitable part of this kind of promotion.

The main question is: Which is the best way to manage the negative reviews? We present a few tips for your future responses.

  • Do not take it personally ! The visitor or customer who wrote the negative review may not know you personally or have the will to harm you.
  • Give a public respond and not a private message on Facebook page or another social network! Show them you are not afraid of negative reviews, respect their opinion and accept the problem. This action gives prestige to your business (brand).
  • Replying as many as possible negative reviews shows that you care about your client’s service and that you have the intention to improve your professional image.
  • Before you decide to publish your reply be sure that it does not have any insulting content towards the reviewer. If you are concerned that your answer will insult the reviewer, then suggest to seek further advice about your comment from someone outside the business, before publishing it. That person gives you an objective view on how your reply seems to your client.
  • Be sure that your reply is short and effective . It is common sometimes for the replies to be extended and apologetic, which has a result not only to lose the purpose of the reply but most of the times some of the words that are used make a bad impression to the reader. This has a result to complicate the situation and make it more difficult instead of smoothing it.
  • There are times that negative reviews turn in a positive suggestions. When this happens you should thank your reviewer for the observation and his suggestions, assure that you have taken it seriously and last but not least inform that wannabe clients will not face the same problem.

Those tips are selected carefully through a lot of surveys, which improve that the ''right'' way to manage negative reviews it is not as easy as it seems. It should be considered with responsibility and strategy. By following the above tips, your opinion about negative reviews might change and handling with them will be easier.