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Choosing a proper domain name

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Published on 20/9/13

Choosing a proper domain name

One of the first things a person thinks of when deciding to create a website is the url that it will have. The proper domain name selection will allow a visitor to identify the website in a search engine even when he doesn’t know its exact web address in advance. The two most prevalent trends are to select as domain name the very name of a company or a person or to select a title that corresponds to the content that the website is going to promote.

Domain Name selection

Many times, a firm is associated with a brand name, achieving this way better ranking in search engines. When the web address focuses on the object being promoted or some service offered, then it is important for the representative word chosen to be well targeted. The domain name should contain important keywords, eg. delivery when it comes to a company that delivers packages, but it should also be short and easy to remember.

Thus, the domain names should somehow be 'intuitive' in order to help customers understand the content of the website simply by its name. Some optimization experts claim that an obvious website address is also usually good, as customers tend to type just a product name followed by an extension in one of their browsers.

Extension selection

Having chosen an appropriate domain name, the next decision is to choose an extension for the website address. What is most prevalent is that an extension such as. gr or. com.gr rather than .biz, .info etc. gives a website more ranking to the search engines algorithms, while others believe that customers see these extensions with greater reliability.

Name's timelessness

The domain name must serve the needs of the business, now but also in the future, so we must not overlook the factor of timelessness when selecting an address for a web page. Something that today is modern or understood does not mean it will provide the proper orientation after a few years. The aim of the website address is to represent the company in a long run and to be able to grow with it.