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SSL Certificate

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Published on 29/8/18

SSL Certificate

As of July 2018, Google Chrome displays a message next to your website's URL indicating that "you should not submit sensitive information on this site, such as credit cards or passwords."

What is SSL Encryption

SSL Protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) was developed to provide security when sensitive data is transmitted on the Internet. SSL uses methods that encrypt data exchanged between them, in order to keep the connection of two devices to the Internet secure. In particular, the encryption method aims to convert a message replacing its characters according to a method, which must be known only to the sender and the recipient.

What is SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate, also known as Digital Certificate, offers encryption and property certification, which ensures that each website belongs to a particular person or organization. In addition, SSL prevents hackers from hiding private information, such as credit card numbers, names, addresses etc. This ensures that all data transferred between a website and the visitor remain private and secure.

Why is it important

  • Increasing the security of the website and its subpages are particularly useful for e-shops, banking and other transactions, such as PayPal, that require the import of personal data. When a website is secured with an SSL Certificate, HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Security) appears on the URL with the following indication, so that it is easily visible to the user.
  • SSL Certificate
  • SEO advantages. An additional advantage of SSL Certificate is the improvement of the website's ranking on Google's search engines, as it tends to give a priority. Despite the fact that this impulse is relatively small, it can give you an advantage against your competitors.
  • Reliability and trust for customers. If your website does not have a certificate, some browsers may characterize it as "unsecure". Using SSL significantly improves the perception of users about the reliability of your business. Therefore, they will be less worried about security issues and will cooperate with you more efficiently.

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Benefits of SSL Certificate
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