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Poseidonia is a two-days swimming races, which since 2007, takes place every year in spring, at the National Swimming Center of Ioannina, having as target to spread the athletic spirit to young and elder people.

Our company designed a functional and dynamic website, which presents all necessary information for the races. Website visitors can be informed about the proclamation, relative news that admins of the website add and other information about the event, the swimming center and Ioannina city.

Also, website visitors can see plenty of images and find the exact location the races are conducted, through interactive Google Maps.

The development of the website was based on responsive web design technologies, so that it can adapt on different screen sizes of mobile phones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers. This way all website visitors have the same user experience, regardless of how they access it.

Furthermore, the creation of SEO friendly environment promotes effectively the website on the internet.

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Responsive website for Poseidonia.