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Nomad Honey operates in the production of 100% pure and unprocessed honey and is located in Ioannina.

We developed a dynamic and user friendly eshop based on our custom e-shop content management platform. Nomad Honey' s products are presented through a modern and dynamic design. Thus, eshop's administrators have the ability to edit and update the content of each sub page, such as their products, their blog etc.

Visitors of the e-commerce website can search for and buy online through a very easy process. They can, also, find the exact location of all Bear Strength selling points through interactive Google Maps.

As far as payment methods are concern, they can be completed in the following ways:
- cash on delivery,
- bank account deposit.

The SEO techniques we applied aim at optimizing the online store for search engines.

Finally, eshop's development was based on responsive web design technologies, so that the eshop can adapt on different screen sizes of mobile phones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers. This way all website visitors have the same user experience, regardless of how they access it.

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Responsive Eshop for Nomad Honey in Ioannina
Responsive Eshop for Nomad Honey in Ioannina