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Konstantinidis Construction Company

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Jul 2022

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Konstantinidis Construction Company was founded in 1998 and operates in the undertaking and executing public road construction projects and renovation projects of public areas.

We developed a user friendly website with completely modern design, in order to present the services of Groupkonstantinidis.

By navigating through the website, visitors can be informed about the company and the products provided.

It is also possible to communicate with Construction Company Konstantinidis by filling out an online contact form.

Website's development was based on responsive web design technologies, so that the website can adapt on different screen sizes of mobile phones, tablets, notebook and desktop computers. This way all website visitors have the same user experience, regardless of how they access it.

Finally, the creation of SEO friendly environment promotes effectively the website on the internet.

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Responsive website for Konstantinidis Construction Company.