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Akita Inu Breeders Tenjoukai Kensha

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Sep 2023

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We built the website of Tenjoukai Kensha, a Japanese Akita Kennel in Ioannina.

Our company built a modern and user-friendly website in order to present Tenjoukai Kensha and the services it offers.

Special care has been taken regarding SEO within the website, so that through the management system, each page automatically sends all the necessary information needed by search engines.

The construction of the website was based on responsive web design, so that it can be fully adapted to the screens of mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Through responsive design, all website visitors have the same user experience and navigation, regardless of how they access it.

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Responsive website for Akita Inu Breeders Tenjoukai Kensha in Ioannina