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Web Secretary

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High level of secretarial services for professionals and small companies

Service Web Application
Greece, Cyprus CSS, XHTML, PHP, jQuery
Web Secretary

Web Secretary provides high secretarial services tailored to the needs and financial budget of professionals and small businesses.

Application allows someone who needs the services of a secretary to enter into the system, pay its assistance directly through Paypal and have the services of a secretary, as long as his package is paid.

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Dashboard, all you need in one place

See gatherred on one page all of your appointments and reminders.

View additional information about the billing package you selected, its expiration date and the nickname you have chosen for the service.

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Keep a Call Log of all your clients

Application maintains a record of all incoming and outgoing calls. View in detail who has called, what time and why!

You can then check the cost of using the service and add credits for use when necessary.

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Schedule all your appointments

Check your personal calendar and your appointments easily and quickly.

Your secretary updates your calendar, which you can check and manage at any time.

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Keep your notes in one place

Record your notes and whatever else you want in your notebook.

Use your notebook as an additional way to contact with your personal secretary.

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