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Corfu Sandals stores are active in handmade sandals made of genuine Greek leather for 8 years based in Corfu.

The design of the online store www.corfusandals.com is modern and functional, while development was based on wapp's custom ecommerce management system.

Eshop visitors can easily browse the online store and discover the company's handmade products.

They can also search for products through various filters such as category, color, size and other features.

Payment methods include cash on delivery, VISA, MASTERCARD or JCB credit card issued at any bank, Paypal or bank deposit.

The design of the eshop is based on responsive web design technologies, so that all eshop visitors have the same user experience, regardless of how they access it.

Finally, particular care has been taken in relation to website's SEO, so that via the content management system, every single page automatically sends all necessary information that search engines need.

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