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Integral Policy is an organisation which conducts applied interdisciplinary research in order to design and propose sustainable policy and strategy plans. The basic operational expenses are covered by the partners' contributions. Integral Policy pursues national and EU competitive funding by submitting proposals and applications in response to calls relevant to its goals.

Integral Policy apply sophisticated, yet transparent methodologies, using mixed qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis to design local and regional development policy interventions, as well as strategic plans to assist social entrepreneurship. Geography is central to their analysis and globalisation is one of their main research interests.

Integral Policy chose Wapp to create a modern, functional and user-friendly dynamic website aiming to the best possible presentation of the organization.

The development of the website was based on the wapp's content management system. The website lists a detailed description of the organization's objectives. It also provides information about the people who founded the organization.

Furthemore, the people of the organization are able to publish news and publications easily, quickly and efficiently at the website's blog.

Development of the website is compatible with smartphones and tablets, using all the latest techniques in web design.

Website for Integral Policy in Ioannina
Website for Integral Policy in Ioannina
Website for Integral Policy in Ioannina